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The Run For Change experience will challenge you to set and conquer physical, mental and personal goals in one of the world’s most spectacular natural environments. Over ten action packed days in Kenya, you will help with special projects at One Heart Village, undertake a life-changing personal development course, and complete a marathon or your own personal running challenge. You will leave with new levels of confidence, a defined purpose, and a pathway to amplify your impact in the world.

  • WHEN
    JULY 2024


Founded in 2007, One Heart exists to empower vulnerable children to fulfil their full potential so that the poverty cycle is broken. From humble beginnings in Turbo, Kenya, One Heart has expanded to now include a second Kenyan site, Soy, as well as two sites in Uganda – Bugiri and Naluya – and a new site in Tanzania. 

Early on, One Heart’s founder Dean Landy recognised that solving the challenges of child poverty and the poverty cycle wouldn’t be as simple as just providing education. In fact, it requires a holistic approach that encapsulates education, healthcare, provision of food, shelter, and water, and most importantly a safe place for children to feel like they belong. So he set about creating a model of Rescue, Restore, Empower and Reintegrate that met all these needs. 

With a unique focus on community and family, One Heart has successfully raised funds for hundreds of children over the last 15 years and are now seeing the fruit of their labour as children who came from dire, life-threatening situations are now graduating from vocational training and university, taking on leadership roles in the community, and even starting families of their own. 

The generational impact they’ve always dreamed of is now becoming a reality.  


The Run For Change experience takes place over nine nights and ten days, concluding with a two day safari through the Masai Mara, a breath-taking travel experience. Multi-faceted challenges will dissolve the boundaries you place on yourself and support you to make meaningful, tangible change for the world’s most vulnerable.
*Subject to change

  • 14 JULY

    Travel from Nairobi to Iten
  • 15 – 16 JULY

    Training and personal development
  • 17 – 18 JULY

    Sunrise on the Nile, Street Business School Uganda.
  • 19 JULY

    One Heart Village, Eldoret
  • 20 JULY

    Farm and school visits
  • 21 JULY

    Volunteering at the Village
  • 22 JULY

    The Run For Change – run day!
  • 23 – 25 JULY

    The incredible Masai Mara Safari
  • 25 JULY

    Travel to Nairobi


Initially daunting, fundraising is often a hugely rewarding challenge that becomes fun and addictive. Conquer your fears of asking for help and unlock strengths you never knew you had. All participants need to raise $10K minimum. We will provide ideas and resources to assist your efforts with prizes and incentives for those who exceed $10K.


Set your goals and smash them. You’ll have six months to prepare for your ultimate physical challenge. You’ll also have a pre-run prep at the Iten High Altitude Training Camp, which is home base to some of the world’s greatest athletes. Choose your distance to walk or run, or be a part of the support crew.

challenge 3: CHANGE

This experience is so much more than a run – it’s about the world, your place and impact on it, from a new up-close perspective. You’ll look at challenges in a whole new light under the coaching of some seriously inspiring leaders. This trip will change you forever.


“There is simply nothing else that compares to the Run For Change experience!

Raising funds, training for a marathon, getting to know Kenya intimately – all these things pushed me out of my comfort zone but would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Highly recommend joining the team if you want to experience the ultimate inspirational and rewarding journey!!”

David Steele – Past participant
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